CNC milling

CNC machining mill, engraving different materials:

  • jewelers wax
  • wood
  • plastics
  • metals


We can perform 2D, 3D milling various size products from the jeweler wax blanks to the bulk of outdoor advertising.
We prepare files for CNC milling from your drawings and sketches .
Design and manufacturing of various size and complexity of models, mock-ups, prototypes.



 Aluminum milling

cnc-frezavimas-aliuminis cnc-frezavimas-aliuminis-2

Brass milling

cnc-frezavimas-zalvaris cnc-frezavimas-zalvaris2

Wood milling

cnc-frezavimas-medzio-graviura cnc-frezavimas-medzio-graviura2


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