Metal coating works


Currently, we offer these types of metal coatings:

Copper Silver Brass Bronze


The coating is made of metal-based, non-toxic acrylic binder diluted with water. It can be used to cover products made of metal, glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, polystyrene, epoxy resin.


Covered surfaces can be treated as a real metal- scrubbed, polished.


Metal coating could be used in order to give the appearance of aged metal, can be used in various metals suitable for patina, waxes and other accessories. Using a metal coating on iron, steel and aluminum surfaces before coating primed.


Coating metal patina

Patined bronze Patined bronze Patined aluminum Patined steel
Patined steel Patined copper Patined copper Patined copper
Patined brass Patined brass    

 3D printing and copper coating



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